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About me...

My name is Mike and as long as I have had my eyes open, they have been drawn (addicted) to vehicles. From my very young years, my entire world revolved around cars, especially vintage cars. As I grew up, my family had a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS and it was my dream to own it one day.  It eventually happened but not without some effort. Check out kevin's video below for the story. 

In my younger days, I would make cars out of clay and dough, I would draw them on paper and cardboard and eventually made them 3D. Then I moved to model kits and I have likely built well over 300 in my lifetime so far... Yes, I still build them when time allows. As I got older, I transitioned from model kits to the real thing.  I built my first engine when I was 18 and began restoring cars. It had taken years of projects both good and bad to have been able to achieve my latest build. 

My next journey into appraising vehicles allows me to expand on something else I enjoy... researching vehicles. I love trying to uncover the unknown and the story behind a vehicle.  In the last few years before opening MJF Collector Car Appraisals, it had become difficult to get a local appraiser so I decided to take on the challenge and commit to the process of becoming an appraiser in Ontario. This allows me to provide a needed service in my community as well as be able to share my passion with others!  

I have enjoyed the first five years of business. I have services clients and cars in Canada and the USA. I have explored some forgotten treasures and even had the opportunity to lay hands on two genuine 1967 Shelby GT-500's that were nothing short of spectacular. I have seen some super rare restored to original pieces and one-of-a-kinds.  I never get time of seeing other people treasures no matter where they land in the collectability list. I look forward to seeing your next.

Mike Farrugia

1964 Pontiac Parisienne Safari

Our 1964 Pontiac Parisienne Safari project was never meant to evolve into the masterpiece it has become. With the original plan to make a 'nice summer driver' quality car, things evolved that led to the creation of this show stopper. As we dug into this car, began to run its numbers and look into its past, it became evident that there was only one way to proceed. This rare Canadian-only model was one of only 1,221 units ever produced. It came with a 327 cui - 250 HP automatic with factory tachometer, factory tinted glass and a pile of other super rare options. The car was delivered from the factory to a finishing plant and then a GM holding facility in the Prairies.  

This project took us four solid years of 'never giving up' to resurrect this giant beauty to what it is today.  It has since been honoured at several local shows since its recent completion. It was also invited to an all-station wagon show in the United States where it won "Best Restored" in show. 

We never built this car as a show piece but we have to admit the recognition was a nice pat on the back for all the hard days when it seemed like there was no end in sight!

From start to finish

Finished in a custom lower colour with the original Ermine White body colour used to on the roof.

Custom Interior

We had a custom interior kit sewn to the original pattern and specs but chose these fantastic materials.

Miles of bright-work

We never thought the polishing of all the stainless steel inside this car would end. It was well worth it.

The car that got me hooked

Thanks Kevin from Classic Car Chit Chat for this great video of the car that started my love affair with classic cars.  Sometimes life events get get in the way. Through determination we managed to locate our car and get it back. Check out Kevin's video and his channel for other amazing car stories.

1986 Caprice Classic

"Stan's Caprice"

What better to do during a pandemic than buy an old car and tinker? While working on some clients reports, I came across a blue '86 Caprice Classic. My first car was a blue '86 Caprice.  Feeling slightly stunned at the values I had been finding while researching my clients cars, I decided to investigate this one a little further. for many years I had always wanted to get another one. What is it with guys and their first car no matter how uncool it may have been? After a small road trip and some investigation I made an offer and purchased the car and brought it home. 

I decided that I would get it mechanically sound seeing it had sat since 2007 before worrying about making it look good again. after changing more light bulbs than I knew existed on the car and gallons of contact cleaner later the car was alive. Off to the transmission shop for a rebuild and then the same for the carburetor, I was off to the races.  It drove nice now, but looked like a washed up old city cab. I decided to start with the interior. I figured if I couldn't make it look nice there was no point in going any further. I was surprised to see how much was available for and '80s GM if you knew what to look for. 

Now that I had the Interior looking great and the car running and driving so good, it was time to do something about the body. The car was originally from Texas and then spent most of its live in Florida before following the owner home to Ontario where it sat outside. until I purchased it. I thought perhaps this could be my opportunity to cross a bucket list item off? I have painted parts of cars, and helped paint cars. But I had never taken on doing one myself. So this was perfect, I could give this old chevy a mop and glow and it would look good enough that I wouldn't be directed to the general parking area when pulling into the local cruise night.  

This is about the time that my OCD took over and I was reminded that I cannot stop half way. After starting to sand the paint, I discovered the car was filler. Unlike any other big 80's B-body I have ever owned in the past, this one was not due to rust. It southern roots proved good. It was full of dings and dents from over the years. OCD at full-power now I sanded the car down to bare steel and contracted a metal finisher to make it perfect. Overkill? Perhaps but I can tell you its so work it now.  Being taught how to feel a car for good bodywork is a blessing and a curse. But a great skill to have in this profession when dealing with half-million dollar cars... My Caprice fall short of this though. 

The other portion of an old car I love is the story. I love to research and find out what I can. Often we hit roadblocks because people pass away, or paperwork no longer exists. I restored this Caprice to the build sheet rather than to look like my first car. The reality is this is a much nicer and better optioned car than my first one was.  But the story this car has revealed as the layers of the onion is peel back is impressive and possibly makes this car that much more a collectible then the next.

Spring of 2023 I wrapped up this project and began enjoying my Caprice. It is by far not near as old and cool as our other cars, but there is pride that is to be had and show off when you do something yourself.   With any old car they have a meaning to the owner and may even have a unique and interesting story.  Next time you are at a car show and see that odd-ball and think, "why would someone show that?" Go and and ask the owner, you might be surprised at what you learn. 

Dedicated to the late, Slavko "Stan" Lukich. 

Stan loved this car from the day he first saw it at the Sarasota used car lot in 1991. He kept the car past his ability to drive any longer, but couldn't see it go.  After he passed his son tried to hold on to it but eventually it had to go. Stan loved the car the way it was and as a tribute to him and the car he kept so original, I chose to put it right back to the way it was. 

Our Event Trailer

Stop and say hello if you see our trailers at an event!

A Pleasure to Help Others

1960 Oldsmobile 88...

The old car hobby is all about meeting people and making friends. I enjoy working on pretty much any old car and rarely pass up the opportunity when time allows. It was a pleasure to spend a little time and add some functional outside mirrors to this giant beauty. I also tastefully added some front lap belts to make it just a little safer for cruising on nice days. 

1950 Chevrolet 3100...

Another opportunity came up to help a friend. That friend was me... While doing some home renovation we encountered some unexpected issues with our design. Our friend dropped everything and came to our rescue and solved the issues so we could move forward. When asked what we owe him, he asked for help with his old truck. Of course I jumped at the chance to play with another old vehicle. We pulled off his carburetor and I brought it home for a rebuild and put it back in for him.  Now his truck runs nice and smooth and it starts without issue now too.