Street Classics Cruise

MJF Collector Car is the proud new owner of the "Street Classics Cruise" name. With the retirement of George and Bonnie and the beloved Queensway show they ran for over 20 years,  came a choice to say goodbye to the name or look for opportunity to keep it going.  We were the opportunity they were looking for and have taken the name but not the show. We are working on rebranding it with providing entertainment in the collector car and cruise hobby.

In 2022 Street classics worked on restoring the old equipment trailer and converting it into a new mobile sound system.  We proudly supported the Georgetown Cruise Night and Bennett Village's Cruising for Care car shows.  We made it out to a few other events as well.  If you would like to see if we can attend your event or for rates please contact us for an quote.

To contact us and get a quote please click our link below