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AInsurance Appraisal – $200.00** - This report meets the requirements for Ontario insurance companies requiring an appraisal to bind coverage for antique and special interest vehicles. Please note some coach built and customs may cost more due to the time required to properly document and evaluate.*

Vehicle Valuation Report - $150.00**- This report will contain basic vehicle information of the evaluated automobile to provide our client with sufficient information to adequately cover the vehicle for insurance where an appraisal is not required to bind coverage.  This is a document for the client to provide knowledge of the current market value of the vehicle being reviewed. This type of report will not be accepted by an insurance company for a 19A policy , however it is a great resource for someone wanting to gain better understanding of the value of a prized vehicle.*

Hourly rate - $65.00/hour** - Our basic hourly rate is used for various custom tailored services, such as going with you to inspect a vehicle for pre purchase or inspecting a vehicle in our service area when you unable yourself. This service has a four hour minimum.

Divorce & Separation Valuation - $185.00** - This basic report will contain basic reports on vehicle condition and value. It will contain all the pertinent information that may be required for legal action or settlement. This report will include two printed hard copies mailed to domestic addresses. This form is not accepted by insurance companies. Request for this service is usually obtained at the request of a lawyer or court.*

Estate Evaluation (Vehicle) -  $155.00** - This basic report will contain the vehicle condition and value required for the purposed of estate settlement. This form is not accepted by insurance companies.*

After Loss Evaluation – Quoted -  Call us if you have a claim and you are unsure if you are being offered a fair settlement. Contact us for more information on this.*

MTO Tax Appraisals – $60.00** We are an approved Licensed Independent appraiser for the Minister of Finance (MTO) 

Please note that prices may vary. All the prices listed above are subject to travel distance range. Discounts and surcharge may apply so please do no hesitate to send us a message and we will respond back to you with an exact estimate.

We complete all of our reports in the order received. Our standard turn around is 2-3 weeks from inspection, but can this can differ based on our current demand at that time. If you require your report  sooner than our standard completion time we can put a rush on your request. $50.00 RUSH fee will apply.

*Please not all of our reports are emailed in .pdf format. Printed copies are available and can be mailed $25.00 per report.

**Cost may increase based on travel and other requirements based on individual needs. We strive to notify you in advance should you be required to pay extra prior to performing service. The constant fluctuation in fuel costs makes holding our pricing when travel is involved difficult. We reserve the right to alter pricing without notice, however will do our best to maintain the above to the best of our abilities